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Carbon Fiber

At Carbon Fiber 2023, engineers, executives, fabricators, OEMS and plant managers in aerospace, automotive and energy come together to learn and look for strategic partners to maximize their budgets and increase their efficiencies. 


Conference Packages

Bring Your Team!
You can receive a group discount when you register three or more team members from the same company. Contact Jennifer Stewart, Event Registrar, for more information. 

​Leaders and innovators from around the globe gather at Carbon Fiber!

Join them and experience the industry's premier conference
on the use of carbon fibers in traditional and emerging markets. 


the Right People


Industry leaders and innovators from all levels are represented at the Carbon Fiber Conference! More than 80% of attendees have a C suite, Management, Engineer or R&D job title.  You’ll meet a wide but focused group of attendees at the 2023 Carbon Fiber Conference.

Discover past companies and positions that attend Carbon Fiber.

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