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Carbon Fiber 2022 Conference Proceedings Video Bundles 

Did you miss Carbon Fiber 2022 in Greenville? Catch up on everything you missed before the 2023 event with our SlidesLive video bundles! These recordings include audio, video, and presentation decks from all the sessions that took place last November. 

Full Conference

Includes all Sessions. Aerospace Bundle Recycling / Sustainability Bundle Energy Bundle Process Bundle Pre-Conference Seminar: Carbon Fiber Hydrogen Storage

Pre-Conference Seminar: Carbon Fiber Hydrogen Storage

Carbon Fiber Composites and the Hydrogen Economy: Opportunities and Challenges | Ginger Gardiner, Mike Favaloro, Jeff Sloan

Aerospace Bundle

Includes aerospace-specific presentations by these innovative industry leaders: Aerospace Market Outlook | Martha Neubauer Current Research Trends | Pierre Harter Accelerating the Emergence of New and Innovation UAM Products | Adam Halsband Multifunctional Fuselage Demonstrator - Lower Half Fabrication | Salvador Romero Esteban Multifunctional Fuselage Demonstrator - Upper Half Fabrication | Frederick Fischer Longitudinal Joining of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Thermoplastic Fuselage Half-Shells via Continuous Co-Consolidation | Eric Pohl Reducing the Costs of Hypersonic Vehicles with Z-Axis Fiber | Mike Favaloro M&A Activity in the Advanced Materials Sector | Collin Heller MFFD Panel Discussion and Q&A | Eric Pohl, Salvador Romero Esteban, Ginger Gardiner, Frederic Fischer

Energy Bundle

Includes sessions on the on how carbon fiber is being used in the energy market: Carbon Fibers for Advanced Conductor Appliction in Energy Transition | Jason Huang Novel Uses of CFRP Grid in High Performance Energy Efficient Precast Structures | John Carson AvCarb Carbon Fiber-based Composites Enabling the Hydrogen Economy | Guy Ebbrell

Recycling Bundle

Includes presentations on the latest advancements and strategies for carbon fiber recycling and sustainability: Recycling Carbon Fiber: A New Chapter in Sustainable Composites | Jen Hill The Future of Renewable Acrylonitrile | Corey Tyree Enabling Low Cost Thermoplastic Carbon Fiber Composites Through Recycling | Mitch Rencheck Recycling Carbon Fiber at Commercial Scale | Tim Spahn Recycling Panel Discussion and Q&A | Corey Tyree, Jen Hill, Tim Spahn, Mitch Rencheck

Process Bundle

Includes presentations on the latest process advancements and practice: Arbitrary Path CT with a Multi-Robot, Multi-Modal Imaging System | Jay Humphrey Additive Fusion Technology (AFT): Moving Structural Composites into a New Era of Sustainable and Cost-Competitive Manufacturing | Jordan Kalman Overview of the Latest Multilateral AFP Machines and Thermoplastic Processing | Samuel Requile Composites Manufacturing and the Revolution of Compact AFP | James Kuglioski Trends in Additive Manufacutring of Invar and Steel Tools for Composites Fabrication | Michael Wangelin

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